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Jan 1, 2012 8:30am EST
quote fellow at the brookings institution, a columnist for the washington post, and a professor at georgetown university. welcome to you all, and happy new year. >> happy new year. >> e.j., the iowa caucuses take place in just a few days. what do you see there and what is the role of religious conservatives in the republican campaign? >> well, in the iowa republican caucuses religious conservatives always play an important role.
Jan 27, 2012 6:30pm EST
the whole system is broken and there are no answers. but that's not our washington. here if things don't work, we reinvent them. we fix things, be it computer software, a better strain of wheat, a new airplane or a better, faster, cheaper government. we're built on innovation and we always move fast. that's why we're the home to boeing and microsoft, amazon, starbuck's, nordstrom's, the gates foundation, clean energy companies, global health and the most invent actiive and dynamic people in the world. that's why eastern washington, because of its agriculture, is called the refrigerator of the world. today it's our time. it's our time to practice the courage and compassion that has been handed down to us by our parents and grandparents. it's our time to rebuild our bridges and highways. it's our time to create jobs now and for the future. it's our time to keep our streets safe, and it's our time to give our young people the education and knowledge they will need to succeed in a world econo economy. we must succeed. you know, i just read a great new book. it's called "that used to be us.
Jan 3, 2012 12:31am PST
ahead with 8 washington. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is bob, and i am with the barbary coast neighbor association representing thousands of residents and businesses located in the northeast waterfront area. i'd like to focus on the fact that the property being proposed for development is currently subject to an 84-foot height limit. the developers of the eight washington project as proposed would like more. they would like more height, up to 136 feet along drums street, which will create significant shatters in the area. they want more balkan, which will block the iconic views of telegraph hill. now, we certainly agree that seawall lot 351 should be more than a parking lot, and we believe that this blog can support attractive development that conforms with the existing height limits. about one year ago, there was a project by the neighborhood, and others came together with asian neighborhood design to develop the northeast embarcadero vision plan. this plan looks at all of the lots that are being -- all of the seawall lots that could be developed along the north waterfront ar
Jan 10, 2012 5:00pm EST
details. it is on the detailed side of the issue -- >> i look at "legacy of george washington." we talk with residential historian, norton richard nortoh how the immaculate dress. famou >> we are going to open up this very famous painting from 1851 have seen this . at some point in their lives. and we're talking about this today because it occurred on december 25, 235 years ago. and on this day, the following day, 235 years ago, the battle of trenton, which was decisive for the new nation as it pursued its independence. richard norton smith, author of a book about george washington called "patriarch" is here to talk about george washington's presidential leadership skills and the lepping a he's left to today's presidents. thanks for coming back. in 1993, you gaye us an interview on that book, and you said at that time that george washington was your favorite president. you've done a lot of presidential work since then. is he still your favorite? guest: boy, that's such a charged word. let's put it this way. here's an evasive answer. he's the one president of whom it can be said that if
Jan 7, 2012 9:31am PST
, wfa. supervisors, wfa is strongly in support of 8 washington and believe is a meaningful opportunity to continue the waterfront revitalization spurred by the freeway and the renovation of the ferry building and piers. 8 washington will provide many benefits, including renovating the existing recreational facility and replacing a parking lot with a vibrant waterfront community of residential housing, new retail and restaurants, belowground parking, and three new public spaces. this is in the final part of the waterfront area, and this is an example of the type of responsible development that can occur on the waterfront with the support of the commission. as to the subject of heights, initially, it was known for 84 feet across the board. most of us around the table felt that 84 feet was too high for the entire site, that it was more important to lower the height south of jackson so the views were preserved and that the feel of the open area was kept intact. the height at the embarcadero was lower than 84 feet, and the high rises were taller. this step approach actually lowered the heig
Jan 7, 2012 10:01am PST
thank you for the opportunity to comment on the 8 washington project. this is calling for two special steps. one, raising the height limit, and two, removing the seawall from the public trust. extraordinary steps such as these should only be considered if they benefit the community at large. i do not believe that luxury condominiums qualified in this respect. the 8 washington project represents spot development. land facing the waterfront. almost three years ago, president chiu called for a broader approach in this area. this deals with all of the seawall lots, and this has been discussed several times this afternoon. i believe that this is the right direction for development for san francisco, rather than the spot development of the port commission. with its 140 luxury condominiums, 400 parking spaces, and high rise buildings, the 8 washington project is exactly what san francisco does not need, effectively destroying the unique golden gate swim club with its extensive open space and recreation facilities used by residents from all over the city. this project will exacerbate traffic
Jan 3, 2012 5:00am EST
and get detected. what got saunders so upset. >> good morning washington at 5:00 begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine, washington. it's tuesday, january 3. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. >>> winter is moving into town. temperatures in the '20s. the wind is increasing as well. wind chills rn in the teens right now expand will remain so into the afternoon. we have a few snow flurries along the potomac, panhandle of west virginia and maryland. we have like snowflakes here and there today and into tomorrow. 25 in olney, 26 in warrenton, 27 in oxon hill. our way into the low '30's today. it will feel like the scenes with gusty wind. tonight in the teens or the air temperature by this time tomorrow. >>> seeing a little more action on the highway, but we are giving everyone the green light. no accidents or construction on 95 between richmond and baltimore. in good stead is greenway, the tollway, 66, and 270 near a father
Jan 27, 2012 6:00pm EST
of income tax. but we cannot correct the failures of washington from the state house in montpelier, and you must always be mindful that every day we compete with our neighboring states for the same jobs. therefore, i remain determined not to increase broadbase taxes on vermonters as we begin to see signs of modest, economic growth. [ applause ] >> rutland's pierce isn't clapping because it's his birthday. looking back on the last year, we have so much to be thankful for and so many opportunities ahead. as we enter the new year, partisanship continues to paralyze our democracy in washington, d.c. at a tame when many of american cities and communities beyond vermont's borders often seem more divided than united, our little state has distinguished itself. indeed, there is nothing wrong with america that could not be made right by the in genuity an caring spirit of the people of the state of vermont. [ applause ] >> by continuing to set aside what divides us and finding common ground to unite us, we will rebuild our state better than the way irene left us that will lead us to continue job growt
Jan 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
of the southwest. and washington and his secretary of war henry knox identify him as the one guy who could be able to control the creek nation. the creek nation is sort of like the south. they have a lot of other tribes that depend upon them, cherokee, choctaw. if we can sign a model treaty with them, we can avoid indian removal. this is a big, big deal. one of the great failures of the founding is the inability to reach a just settlement with the native-americans. and washington and knox devote most of his first term -- this is the thing washington really cares about. nobody's written about this enough. >> he had a lot of dealings himself with various -- >> during the french and indian war wouldn't necessarily clue you into the fact that he was as -- he changed by this time, washington had. he really wanted to avoid indian removal because he believed that the native-american populations had a right to the soil. and to dispossess them was to violate the principles of the revolution. and knox agreed with him. in fact, when you read some of knox's stuff, it's almost like a culture anthropologist tod
Jan 29, 2012 12:30pm EST
a totally unscrupulous character. he is the tally rand of the south west. and washington and his secretary of war, henry knox, identified him as the one guy who could be able to control the creek nation and the creek nation is sort of like the iroquois of the south. they have a lot of other tribes that depend on them. the cherokee, the choctaw. if we can sign a treaty with them, we can avoid indian removal. this is a big, big deal. one of the great failures of the found sgt inability to reach a just settlement with the native americans. and washington and knox devote most of his first term. this is the thing washington really cares about. nobody has written about this. >> and he had a lot of dealings himself. >> his earlier dealings and during the french and indian war, wouldn't necessarily clue you in to the fact that he was as -- he changed by this time. washington had. he really wanted to avoid indian removal because he believed that native american populations had a right to the soil and to dispossess them was it violate the principles of the revolution. and knox agreed with him. in fa
Jan 27, 2012 8:00pm PST
a still sputtering economy. we'll tell you what one has to do with the other, tonight on washington war -- "washington week." and it's on. >> i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country. >> maybe governor romney should tell us how much money he's made off of how many households that have been closed by his investments. gwen: republican frontrunners jock acquit for first place as the runnest up struggle for attention. >> folks, a billion dollars in the mainstream media will make this a very, very election. >> i don't think we should go to the moon. i think maybe we should send some politicians up there. gwen: florida is pivotal, again. meanwhile, the man they want to beat wraps himself inspect trappings of the presidency -- whether traveling the country -- >> hello, nevada. gwen: or delivering a pointed state of the union address. >> the state of our union is getting stronger. gwen: but is the economy rebounding quickly enough? covering the week, dan balz of the "washington post." john dickerson of "slate" magazine a
Jan 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
that washington had a romantic relationship with the woman four years ago. for some reason, he began verbally abusing her, then it became physical. >> the police are higher standard. >> this is a family establishment. they say that washington patrols near by and as a regular customer. she said that she recently had a run and with him -- a run-in with him. while the woman recovers, her co-workers wonder how he could inflict so much hurt. >> they're supposed to protect us. if they are beating us up, it was protecting us? >> washington was released from custody and ordered to stay away from the female victim. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00, and alert for parents whose children attended elementary schools in the alexandria section of fairfax county. the police believe that a suspicious man has been working and calling out to children around clermont elementary school, at least five times in the past, the latest tuesday night. officers are looking for a man in his 30's seen driving a red pickup truck with scratches dents, and rust. >> having an individual drive around, not knowing w
Jan 28, 2012 1:00pm EST
, washington tried it. washington is one of the first virginia plapnters so they that tobacco is not going to work but to go to wheat primarily. but he had other crops too. and he had multisources of income. >> he had hemp. every time i talk about washington, some young pot head comes up to me with a dollar bill. and i say i'm for legalizing marijuana just like you are, but the hemp was for fact bribric, r smoking. >> i don't think there's any good rationalization for what you're asking, which is a superb question. think about it this way, the greatest members of the revolutionary was virginians. i'm from virginia. i went to william & mary university and i have the same color of hair as thomas jefferson, what's left of it. that generation and the generation that succeeded it took the wrong turn. on slavery, and on the principle of state's rights. and once they took that wrong turn, i mean, virginia has become a political back water. it has never recovered its position. and it's been a source of segregation in the 20th century and they could have made a different decision. and actually in 1
Jan 3, 2012 1:01am PST
some exception to the height, but he said that the high sections of this great washington development were on the ground level. i think as you go through this booklet, this plan, you will see that we agree with that. we are in total agreement with them, and it would provide the substance and the and come and a variety of income throughout the northeast corridor. raising heights on the waterfront, i do not care what anybody says, there is not a developer, him or her in this town, who would not wait for a 146-foot variance and wonder when they will get their foot into developing properties along the northeast corridor. thank you very much. supervisor mar: president chiu, i dissent to mention that some were referred to negatively, and some helped to produce this community vision with quite a bit of time, but you mentioned to the chinatown focus group, and i am wondering if you could talk a little bit about how this helped to inform the plan, as well. >> opening up the neighborhood to the waterfront, and this plan does develop that, and we felt we needed as much information and input from
Jan 1, 2012 9:30am EST
>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business report" withbc 7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thanks for bringing in the new year with us today. is keeping trackck of your money in the washington region high on your list of priorities? you are in luck.. we have the top list of stories from our friends at the " washington business journal." we will tell y some of t the highlights of who is on the business list. in our small business spotlight, a siness but the national chains and bringing hard to find entertainment to the washington area. for yone still recoverering new year's eve, a hair off the dog from the business perspective. our region is home to a rapidly growing wine making industry. virginia accounts for 165 vinerds, with 67 in northen virgininia. our guest tododay owns andd operates ferman's sellers -- llars and a number of other wineries. but there are challenges in the regi. how es hee succeed where oers haveve failed? thanks for joining us on "washington business report." >> glad to be here. >> there are numerous obstacle that would
Jan 1, 2012 2:01pm PST
of the permit. commissioner garcia: mi ssission and washington? >> i have spoken to the appellants and they agree with that. >> should we ask for the appellants to address the board as well? we'll do that, starting with the appellant. this is in specific reference to the proposal, 97 minutes of testimony. -- not the 7 minutes of testimony. >> and karen smith, i understand the question is if i would like the permit application to remove or withdraw the location at high street -- at california street. they are withdrawing those locations. >> are you in support of the proposal that the permit be upheld with those two locations being stricken? gosh yes. >> and the other addresses will go forward. nearly 2600 mission -- there is no appeal there. the only appeals are for these two addresses. >> is one permit, the entire permanent was appealed. >> of the way the ordinance was written, one permit can be -- one applicant can file for a permanent has multiple address locations. in this case, there are two addresses under this one permit that is being withdrawn and i agree with that. >> of th
Jan 2, 2012 1:31pm PST
. my name is -- i have lived in san francisco for 32 years. i am here to oppose eight washington. the project looks at seeking luxury condominiums that we have already talked about. , only people who make over $1 million per year can afford it. this is not the kind of housing that san franciscans need or want, especially in this part of town. san francisco is a vibrant city because the activities are easily accessible to everyone. we understand the a desire to build more housing, and it will destroy the view of san francisco if we are not careful. developers come into town and only care about short-term projects. they rely on greed to secure their projects. people stop looking into the hearts of the proposals, blinded by a big dollar signs. historically, most of their promises do not come true, but by that time, the community is left with a mess, and they have moved on. if we reduce this to this, we would these responsible for the inevitable decline -- we would be responsible. more facilities for our residents, not less. they may be better served if there are a unique opportuniti
Jan 19, 2012 4:30am EST
and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a big night for the republican presidential candidates. they will hold their final debate before saturday's crucial primary in south carolina. it is thursday, january 19. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown we will begin with your traffic and weather. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> a very cold start to our third day morning. latest temperatures. you will notice one trend. it 15 in martinsburg. 18 in winchester. 19 in gaithersburg. a little warmer closer to the waterways. 27 at reagan national. we will have a lot of sunshine to the first half of the day, then increasing clouds. we may have a brief dusting of snow. we have been talking about that. it is possible. it will not be very widespread. high temperatures right around 40 degrees. tomorrow a little cooler. upper 30's 4 highs. saturday at its like a cold rain. that said, depending on the amount of cold air available, we could be running into some sleet and or freezing rain saturday morning. i
Jan 26, 2012 4:30am EST
and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead, we're for the mane search behind a crime in fort washington. he entered an elementary school children and tried a school aide. >> good morning. it is thursday to a worry 26. i m cynne simpson. >> we begin with air traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here is adam caskey. >> not a bad day today. even need your umbrella but it you will notice as you step already a little dip. ofjust some minor areas light rain moving toward manassas and other parts of william county. is going to the heart of the district. very light trading. offill be dealing with this on throughout the day. is that a total washout. the heavier rain will be coming tonight and for the the day tomorrow. temperatures are interesting. we're currently near 42 degrees. we will rise and to the low 50's this evening. tonight we will continue to warm up near 60 degrees. then we cool by tomorrow when we would normally be hitting our high temperatures. dusty as well. >> we are in pretty good shape far as traffic around the beltway. overnight
Jan 21, 2012 5:30am EST
in our community. among them, one of the most iconic symbols of washington, d.c. the future of the washington monument. it is brighter thanks to the help of a will call businessman and if you're like most americans getting out of debt tops your new year's resolutions. we have tips on how to have a fiscally fit 2012. a man that helped the wizards to four straight playoffs tells us why he's just as satisfied to be coaching high school players. we start, though, first with a towering piece of marble and granite. it stands as a symbol of our city. damage from last summer's earthquake kept the washington monument closed to visitors but now a local businessman is sharing some wealth to ensure the monument can be enjoyed for generations to come. this is the first gift to the nation. >> like the rest of us, billionaire david reubub rubensn watched with fascination. >> i was glad they didn't ask me to do that. they asked me to go up and take a lock. i was glad i didn't have to rappel down. those people are professional that is do that and obviously quite skilled at it. it's a skill i
Jan 5, 2012 11:00pm EST (305) 887-3060 - decenas de ancianos latinos de washington tendrán hogar. - malversación de fondos y declaración falsa de impuestos son los cargos contra el concejal de washington harry thomas junior. - regresa el sol a la región capitalina para darnos como las temperaturas el fin de semana. - en el viejo continente el manchester el chicharito fue goleado desbancado. - y aquí el washington volvió a perder. >> sulema: buenas noches. tenemos la noticia más relevantes de este jueves. - tenemos la sentencia a kevin que se declaró culpable de tres cargos de homicidio y un cargo en donde dejó a tres de sus amigos muertos en un choque, fue dejado en 20 años por cárcel, la fiscalía dijo que había consumido alcohol cuando conducía el auto que chocó en mayo fallecieron sus tres amigos y además huyó de la escena ayudar a sus compañeros. - los usuarios de metro, experimentaron retrasos en la hora pico las vías necesitaban ser reparadas y metro dijo que ha visto los pasajeros sobre el inconveniente pero varias personas escribieron en las redes sociales que habían retrasos hasta
Jan 16, 2012 6:00am EST
>> straight ahead at 6:00, following breaking news in northeast washington. police want to know who abandon the baby girl outside a home. >> and we are expecting to learn more about the man charged in home invasions in montgomery and prince george's counties. he was arrested in north carolina over the weekend. >> and other presidential candidates dropping out of the race. which rival is expected to endorse. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> getting the week started bright and early at 6:00 a.m. good morning, washington. it's monday, january 16. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden for the road, but first adam caskey. >> it is a cold start to the day. you will want to dress in layers and try to stay warm this morning. look at the numbers. we are not dealing with a wind chill factor. 22 degrees in mclean, 21 in bethesda, 20 la plata. 14 in warrenton and leesburg and 13 in stephenson city, virginia. widespread teens to start the day. w
Jan 19, 2012 6:00am EST
t. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it's thursday, january 19. almost at the weekend. thanks for being with us, i am pamela brown. >> i am cynne simpson. washington states is digging out, but washington d.c. is bundling up. a meteorologist adam caskey is in the weather center. on the website we ran a poll asking who 1 snowfall. majority are looking for snowfall. >> it is a quiet majority. most people think everybody hates snow except for children. i don't believe that. it is a loud minority. let's look at the temperatures outside. it is cold. here's the latest. 16 in leesburg, 17 in shepherdstown. frostburg, 13 degrees along with frostburg, virginia. 29 in la plata, 22 in arlington. highs today will be in the low 40's briefly this afternoon with increasing clouds. sunshine to start the day, then added clouds by the afternoon and evening. if you snow flurries possible a specially northwest of town. we could see a few snowflakes locally even later this evening. barlett
Jan 13, 2012 8:31pm PST
hearings 48 washington and the california pacific medical center. -- 8 washington. i wanted to share details of the conditional use hearing detailed before the board as the board requested specifically we tell the commission about it. this was an appeal for wireless and 10 at 4109 mission street. -- wireless atenas at 4109 mission street. the board hearings here was another matter with over 45 minutes worth of presentation. a great deal of new information was presented, including a survey from the appellate claiming nearly 72% of the neighbors disapprove of the installation. and they also provided an independent assessment by an engineer who questioned the gap in coverage as claimed by at&t. like the similar field of the been heard by the board the week before, members were concerned about the differences in the map that were given to this commission and the maps that at&t provided to the public on the website regarding capacity in coverage. supervisor campos question the ability of the city to assess the necessity. he stated it must be based on the independent analysis of at&t cover
Jan 29, 2012 12:00am EST
they send as their messenger. he sends our young hero, george washington, all of 22 years old. right? just a young colonel of militia. he goes on a mission westward from virginia to the ohio country and all the way north to lake eerie to notify officials there who have accomplished forts and have hundreds of men there. this territory by right belongs to britain and not to the king of france. they made it quite clear that he this land all the way to ohio belongs to france, and it's not british. fort dusquene with the force of 3 to 400 men. the fighting would begin that spring and summer of 1754 that marked the beginning of the french-indian war. a war that spread far beyond this limited area. i don't think really washington or the french who were immediately involved or the native peoples of that particular region, the delawares and the miamis and others could forsee exactly what would come from this early clash. let's move through the nextline. this is a -- the journal of washington. very interesting that he kept and during his first journey to the ohio country where he went as a imbaa sar
Jan 27, 2012 4:30am EST
and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> it is an upsurge situation. the two hours to get here from union station. it is inexcusable. >> terry go again hours after a crack terrell line -- cracked rel.rail line. >> it is january 27. >> we began with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa is with us and so is adam caskey. >> we are ready to roll. we have a wide range a temperatures this morning. we're going to line up until lunchtime. to also have some rain to talk about. it is moving into prince william county moving north. clear is that of light rain moving forward. these are scattered showers. we will see rain throughout the morning. we will have some thunderstorms their lunch time. we could actually have some isolated severe thunderstorms in to the eastern shore. it is mainly fear about lunch time. 37 degrees in hagerstown. 64 degrees in hagar's bird. lexington. the weekend is looking good. 55 degrees tomorrow. partly cloudy. >> i have been perusing a lot of cameras. and a little bit of whitewet pavement is what i found. i'm concerned of the conditions of
Jan 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
en el Área metropolitana de washington se convirtiÓ en el tema de conversaciÓn que sostuvieron a puerta cerrada el alcalde del distritovincet gray, el gobernador de maryland martin o'malley y el gobernador de virginia bob mcdonnell vincent gray alcalde del distrito "estoy muy contento personalmente que los tres nos reunamos para aprobar una inversión de 50 millones de dólares que harán un gran impacto en el sistema de transporte y que contribuirán a la seguridad del sistema que es el mejor del mundo" " la razÓn de la reunion fue llegar a una cooperaciÓn entre todos y firmar un memora Ándum de entendimiento que regula las leyes de operacio Ón tanto en autobuses como en trenes bob mcdonnell gobernador de virginia estoy impresionado con los avances que se han dado tanto de la directiva como del gerente general de metro en los fundamentos de la transparencia, tambiÉn se hablo de la importancia de la seguridad de los trabajadores cuando se realizan trabajos de reparacio Ón y de la importancia de expandirse para crear mÁs empleos y asÍ aportar a la economÍa de dichos e
Jan 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
-span radio, we're on xm at 119. >>> washington today continues. >>> the gdp will grow by only 2% this year and only about 1% next year. we expect economic activity to quicken after 2013. but real gdp to remain below the economy potential through 2017. according to our projections, the economy is only about halfway through the shortfall that will result from the recession and its aftermath. >> with the forecast not only for the debt and the deficit but also the jobs outlook for the next 12 months. welcome to our tour of washington today. i'm steve skully. we're glad your with us. that's the latest from cbo. the unemployment rate will inch up to 8.9% possibly 9.3 .by next year. the dow rising 3.5% for the month of january. nasdaq also up for the month. trader upbeat about some of the modest gains in the economy. >>> well, it's primary day in florida. the polls closing in one hour in parts of the state at 8:00 eastern throughout the rest of florida, early results of the exit polls showing that 7 out of 10 who voted today consider themselves conservatives. while most are concerned about the ec
Jan 28, 2012 12:30pm EST
would doesn't is washington among the majors. slavery is not working. if you look at george washington's plantation towards the end of his life, he has 319 slaves. at any given time less than 100 of them are working. >> and also tobacco isn't working. >> tobacco destroyed the soil. he's already switched from tobacco, has washington by this time. but the tobacco economy and the tide water is like it's a one way ticket to bankruptcy. and so they all -- all they know is somehow i got all these debts. the principle -- one of the great principles -- the two great principles in the modern world, einstein's world of relative lane the principle of compound interest. what i'm trying to argue here is madison and jefferson and the republican party as it originates in virginia essentially sees itself as losing out and it is losing out. and they invent this argument about the federalists. they represent a god that washington is a monarchist. what a joke. this is the one guy in america that had the opportunity to be a monarch and said no to it. john adams intends to crown john quincey as his heir op
Jan 12, 2012 1:01pm PST
, speaking about the washington project which is going to be before you soon enough. we have supported it for years and believe it brings enormous benefits to the entire city. but i wanted to point out that in spite of the rhetoric and controversy, what is being discussed is a simple land use question period should see wall lot 351 main a surface parking lot or not? if not, what should it become? the opposition comes from good people. as even they might concede, they are upper-middle-class and live in one of the most pleasant neighborhoods of san francisco. these poor souls are aggrieved and oppressed because new housing is being proposed for their neighborhood. the housing they are living in displaced an earlier generation of businesses and residents. it was not bad news when it was redeveloped. many of the folks opposing this project have lived there for years and decades in rent- control housing. that is a curious platform from which to oppose new housing. by contrast, the washington project, this place is no one unless you count tennis courts at a private club. the accusation again
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